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  • Four jobs I’ve had:
    1. Driver for disabled people
    2. Guitarist and Singer
    3. Marketing assistent
    4. Webdesigner
  • Four movies I can watch over and over:
    1. The Wall
    2. Goodfellas
    3. Dark Star
    4. They Live
  • Four Three places I’ve lived:
    1. Hamburg
    2. Fintel
    3. Cologne
  • Four TV shows I love:
    1. The Sopranos – the best on screen ever.
    2. Free for All
    3. Schmidteinander
    4. Lindenstraße
    5. Besides of that, TV really sucks. BTW have you know the real difference between “normal” TV and HDTV? I am getting well along without TV since more than half a year now and I doubt I will ever start watching TV again.

  • Four places I’ve vacationed:
    1. Nakusp & Kelowna, Canada
    2. Amrum, Germany
    3. Suwalki, Poland
    4. Northland, New Zealand
  • Four of my favorite dishes:
    1. Pasta, all forms of appearence
    2. Goulash, Szegediner Style
      The above recipe is unreviewed / yet unrecooked, I can only say the way my mom does it is the best ,o)
    3. Soups, most forms of appearence. Chicken & vegetable or tomato-soup, turkish lentil soup, …
    4. I eat almost everything. I strongly dislike hard boiled eggs with mustard sauce, brussels sprouts and I don´t go for giblets that much.

  • Four sites I visit daily:
    1. The slide tone blog
    2. The who-knows-what boards
    3. All the lovely blogs you know already, so it´s uninteristing to list them up here
  • Four places I would rather be right now:
    1. on stage
    2. in studio
    3. Greece / New Zealand or Sicily
    4. in bed with Camilla Renschke and Nicole Kidman ,o)
    5. Four places are not enough.

  • Four bloggers to tag with this:
    1. Boogie
    2. Ursula
    3. Jens
    4. Lydia … and you!

Update: …und herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 6-jährigen Blog-Jubiläum, Andrea! Du alte Veteranin!! .o)

posted on Sunday, January 29th, 2006

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  1. Rushme says:

    Und hier die Auswertung, *LOL* so true:

    Blogger gucken kaum Fernsehen, haben kein Fernsehen oder kennen nur die Lindenstraße. Aber haben eine große Klappe über Medien! [dingsprozessor]

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