My Favourite Nightmare

Things you couldn´t quite imagine
Spinning ´round and ´round my head
Fragments from a mind so fragile
Visions from a live you´ve lead
Pull me down and praise the morning
Gaze beyond a naked dream
In your sweat, your pain and sorrow
Things are not quite what they seem
In my favourite nightmare

I´m the time you came to borrow
Vanity distorted views
I´m the sand you´re forced to swallow
I´m the faith you´ll never lose
Pull me down and pray for shelter
Wake me up and ease the pain
Feed me blood and fire and thunder
Things are not quite what they seem
In your favourite nightmare

© 2007 R.Schmidt – das wird irgendwann auch noch aufgenommen.

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posted on Friday, January 4th, 2008

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